March 5, 2017

animal print in the bedroom

Show us how you really feel and bring out your inner animal magnetism with a little animal print in the bedroom. A modest bit goes a long way. Whether it’s leopard, cheetah or tiger, animal print surprisingly acts as a neutral, but also adds vibrancy to a room. Just one pillow can complete the look you're after.
Imagine this room without the leopard cushion. What do you see? A cutsey, plain-jane room… but with the addition of this wild pillow, wow!  
Here the leopard print really makes the black closet doors pop and brings the whole room together. Reupholster a couple of small matching ottomans, and you're all set.  
Most animal prints play off nicely with bold colors too!
But, they’re perfectly at home with a neutral palette too.
Mix and match to your heart content until you come up with an amazing mix of pillows and textures. Even though this tiger print has orange in it, it coordinates nicely with traditional fabrics. That little bit of orange in the chinoiserie pillow connects the whole look.

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