January 26, 2015

downton abbey fashion show

The fashion show last night on Downton Abbey was breathtaking! We got a few glimpses of a few high-society flapper looks with a bit of an art deco feel, especially with that first dress and the Cleopatra style hat.  I love the costume designs on Downton! Anna Mary Scott Robbins really does her research and pays attention to details. 

The models on this catwalk were wearing amazing 1924 fashions that had Lady Mary exclaim “Yummy!” They use real vintage dresses when they can and restore and reinforce them. They also pick up vintage fabrics and laces at Paris flea markets that they incorporate into their costumes. And didn’t you love when Charles Blake gave Lady Mary a smirky nod when the wedding dress came out at the end? I love just them together!

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Yes, the clothing on Downton is absolutely dreamy! Makes me almost wish I lived in that period. The thing is you have to be bone thin to pull that fashion off.


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